Psychotherapy, like counselling, is one of the talking therapies. It provides the opportunity to talk in confidence at a regular time, in a private setting. Whatever brings you to therapy, be it relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, grief, a history of sexual abuse, loneliness, feelings of failure, a history of being a mental health patient or simply the feeling that life is not as fulfilling as it could be, I aim to help you discover more of yourself. Often we are only dimly aware of our motives, feelings and values. Often we have developed habits of thinking, feeling and acting that were designed to protect us in the past but which no longer work very well for us. Understanding this can free us to feel less driven or hopeless and more in control of our lives. I aim to provide a secure atmosphere which facilitates this kind of personal exploration. I hope to help you to become more aware of what truly matters to you, to help you explore the possibilities open to you and to make the choices that lead to a more fulfilling life.

“It’s good to talk”
BT advertisement 1994

Can Psychotherapy Help?

At its simplest,it can help to get it off your chest to someone who is not involved in your life. Talking with a therapist who listens carefully can help you make sense of your experience and gain confidence. Often it can help you become more aware of how you really feel and what you really value. It can help to come to terms with both current and past experience. It can help to have a witness to one’s experience, to be understood. At its most profound psychotherapy can help us understand ourselves and our relationships. Over time our attitudes and perspective can change and this can have far reaching implications for our way of being in the world. Many different kinds of people seek psychotherapy for many different reasons from a current crisis, to pervasive feelings of unhappiness or lack of meaning. They are often baffled by why they feel or act the way they do. Therapy can help make sense of it all. A central aspect of therapy is the relationship that develops with the therapist and it is important to find a therapist whom you feel you will be able to trust.

“Know Thyself”
Inscription at the Temple of Apollo
2nd century BC

About Me

I am a fully qualified, UKCP registered psychotherapist with 15 years experience in the field. I also have an MA in psychotherapy. I have been in private practice since 2003. I draw on the humanistic, psychoanalytic and existential traditions in my work.

As for my background, I graduated from Edinburgh University in 1979, having studied modern languages and then worked in the City as a chartered accountant until 1991. I moved to Wales with my partner and our two young children in 1994. In the 1980’s I developed an interest in psychotherapy and went on to complete various counselling trainings (WPF, PPF, CRUSE). I worked as a counsellor in the voluntary sector and then trained as a psychotherapist with the Bath Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy. As part of my training I did a 21 month placement in an outpatient mental health unit seeing patients for psychotherapy.

“The courage to live one’s life”
R.D. Laing
As quoted by his son Adrian at the conference
of the Society for Existential Analysis 1991

Couples Therapy

Couples can become stuck in ways of relating that are very distressing and dispiriting. Couples therapy helps by providing an opportunity for both members of the couple to talk and think about their relationship in a neutral place. Intimate relationships stir up strong, deep seated feelings; they can be very painful when they are going wrong. For the same reason however, they can be a source of great happiness and healing. I aim to provide a place where hope can be rekindled and potential realised, a place safe enough to talk and be heard and for dilemmas to be worked through.

couples psychotherapy
“Life is not a rehearsal.”

Practical Matters

I offer regular, weekly 50 minute sessions costing £60. Sometimes people choose to come more than once a week. I practice in a beautiful country setting in the Vale of Glamorgan, in central Cardiff and in Cowbridge. Phone or email for an initial exploratory appointment which is without any obligation. Your call may go to my answer phone. I am usually able to return your call within 24 hrs at a time convenient to you. I also practice near central Cardiff see for details.

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